Quality Policy of Oyasama


Oyasama, S.L. Management is aware of the relevance of satisfying the client needs and expectations and brings all the required resources into play to achieve this in its activity of wholesale of medical devices.

For that it establishes a Quality Management System which is based on the standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 without an external entity certification, structured around this Quality Policy and supported on the following principles:

  • The quality is a strategic element for the functioning of the company.
  • Continuous improvement of the efficacy of the Quality Management System (QMS) through the right management of client complaints, compliant development of processes and procedures, internal nonconformities, personnel suggestions, management revisions, etc.
  • Commitment of compliance of applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Commitment to understand present and future client needs, satisfy their requisites and make an effort to exceed their expectations.
  • Accomplish the full cooperation of all company employees and suppliers on the quality of our activity.
  • Treatment of our client complaints.
  • Establish mechanisms of detection and prevention of problems for the immediate implementation of corrective actions.
  • Compliance of the requisites offered to our clients.
  • Effective management and control of activities.
  • Effective assignation of functions and responsibilities.
  • Awareness-raising and motivation on the importance of the implementation of a QMS.

Oyasama, S.L. Management is, therefore, committed with/to the effective implementation and continuous improvement of the QMS. Equally, it is committed to the establishment of objectives and goals for the different activity aspects regarding quality.

Thus in order accomplish and satisfy the aforesaid principles, the needed mechanisms have been established for the whole organization to know, understand and apply the Policy described.

Madrid, August 21st 2017.

Oyasama Management