joimax Endoscopy System

Percutaneous endoscopic discectomy system

Complete surgical material system for minimally invasive spine endoscopic surgery at cervical level (CESSYS®, for anterior or posterior approach) and lumbar (iLESSYS®, for interlaminar approach; TESSYS®, for transforaminal approach):


  • The percutaneous endoscopic approach allows the access to the intervertebral foraminal access, facilitating the release of both the root and the dural space.
  • The percutaneous endoscopic technique defines perfectly the “in-out” surgery, so it is possible to apply the concept “one day surgery”.
  • A direct vision of the dural space allows a thorough decompression, removing any fragment that might be captured in that space.
  • It makes the decompression possible both through discectomy and through foraminoplasty.

 It includes all the material needed for the complete achievement of the surgical procedure:

- DisposablesEndoscopia-desechables

  • Pump (irrigation system)
  • Access kit (including reamers, guide needles, subcutaneous and      intradiscal needles and syringes)
  • Legato® / Vaporflex® probes
  • Drills

- HD tower

  • Vitegra®3: image and video data visualization and recording system
  • C-Camsource®HD Twister: camera with integrated light source
  • Shrill®: motor for endosopic surgery
  • Versicon®: low pressure irrigation system
  • Endovapor®: low temperature radiofrequency vaporizer
  • JFMS 2410 / JFMS 4200: high definition monitor

- Instruments

  • Dilators and working channelEndoscopia-endoscopio
  • Palpator and root retractors
  • Endoscope
  • Disection forceps, in different sizes, straight and curved
  • Laminotomes