DC SpineWand®

Percutaneous cervical Nucleoplasty® system

System designed for Nucleoplasty®, percutaneous surgical procedure of tissue ablation and haemostasis with disc material decompression through Coblation®, in this case at cervical level.


Coblation® is a technology exclusively developed by ArthroCare for soft tissue ablation and blood tissues and vessels haemostais in surgical procedures. It consists in a controlled non-thermic process that uses electrical energy to excite the electrolytes in a conductive medium (such as saline solution) creating a precisely focused plasma on the target tissue, whose energized particles possess sufficient energy to break organic molecular bonds and dissect or dissolve soft tissue at relatively low temperatures (generally between 20ºC and 55ºC), minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissues. Coblation® has precious and numerous applications in diverse fields, among them, including arthroscopic and non-arthroscopic Surgery in Traumatology and Sports Medicine and ENT, besides Spine Surgery.

ArthroCare cervical percutaneous Nucleoplasty® system includes a SpineWand® electrode (spine “vaporizer”) for cervical level and a specific Crawford introductory cannula which is used as a guide.