Cervical percutaneous endoscopic surgery system

Cervical percutaneous endoscopy system for anterior or posterior approach in minimally invasive spine surgery:

  • The percutaneous endoscopic approach allows the access to the intervertebral foraminal access, facilitating the release of both the root and the dural space.
  • The percutaneous endoscopic technique defines perfectly the “in-out” surgery, so it is possible to apply the concept “one day surgery”.
  • A direct vision of the dural space allows a thorough decompression, removing any fragment that might be captured in that space.
  • It makes the decompression possible both through discectomy and through foraminoplasty.

It includes the material needed for facilitating the soft tissue progressive dilatation and the access to the surgical site to be treated, offering a wide range of options for the pathology treatment.


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