Dr. Hänsler OZONOSAN® Ozone therapy disposables

Ozone therapy devices

Disposable devices for ozone therapy.

Complete range of products for autohemotherapy, rectal insufflation and topical treatments:

-Desechables-de-ozono-3- Autohemotherapy

  • Vacuum flasks with anticoagulant and system of microbubbles which allows diminishing the hemolysis rate, and sodium citrate as.
  • Transfusion set with stainless steel needle.
  • Perfusion set with butterfly needle.
  • Perfusion set with antibacterial filter.
  • Ozone-resistant silicone-coated syringes.

- Rectal insufflation

Desechables-de-ozono-2-Kit composed of disposable cannulas, ozone-resistant silicone-coated bags and insufflation pump.

- Topical treatments

  • Ozone-resistant silicone-coated plastic bags for lower and upper limbs.
  • Suction bells for more local treatments.