Epimed Racz® Epidural Catheters System

Kits with steerable catheter for epidurolysis

Kits with steerable catheter intended for the injection of medicines in the epidural space for the epidurolysis technique, mainly at lumbar level.

Composed of:

- Catheter

  • Spring guide
  • Double coating that enhances strength, along the whole length but on the tip
  • Inner safety ribbon
  • Atraumatic round tip
  • 360º distal window for uniform infusion
  • Kink and collapse resistant
  • Calibrated depth marks
  • Radioopaque

- Stylet

  • Easy reinsertion throught the connector
  • Security lock
  • Fully engages catheter length

- Connector

  • Easy catheter insertion
  • Connector insertion mark
  • Audible locking click

Different kits available with a variety of catheter designs and measurements: diameter of 19G and lengths from 14”/35,6 cm to 33,25”/84,5 cm. Some versions with possibility of a double stylet.

Conceived to be used with specific introducer needles (with no cutting bevel).