Implantes PEEK CF

Parcus PEEK CF implants

Carbon fiber-reinforced PEEK implants

PEEK CF is the material comprised of a PEEK-Optima® (by Invibio®) polymer matrix combined with 30% carbon fiber filler.

It stands out for the following advantages:

-      Strong and biocompatible

-      Twice as strong as the PEEK material used in most suture anchors

-      Radiolucent, less imaging artifact on X-rays and MR controls

-      Mechanical properties closer to cortical bone than titanium or biocomposites

-      100% inert, anti-allergic

-      Easily removable if needed


Grafica Implantes PEEK CF

Parcus Medical is the first manufacturer to introduce implantable products using PEEK CF in Sports Medicine field with exceptional results and it offers the following PEEK CF lines of devices:

-      PEEK CF push-in suture anchors: PEEK CF knotted/knotless suture anchors

-      V-LoX y V-LoX3 PEEK CF: PEEK CF knotted screw-in suture anchors

-      PEEK CF screws: PEEK CF interference screws