Suturas PARCUS

Parcus Braid Sutures

High strength sutures

Non-absorbable high strength surgical sutures for the attachment of soft tissue to bones in arthroscopic surgery in shoulder (e.g. rotator cuff repair), knee (e.g. collateral ligaments repair), foot/ankle (e.g. lateral stabilization), elbow (e.g. tennis elbow repair), hand/wrist (e.g. scapholunate ligament repair).

Three configurations:

- Parcus Braid sutures: with and without needles; straight and curve needles; sizes #1 to #5

- Parcus Braid Infinity Loop sutures: special suture for ACL; with straight needles; sizes of #2 and #5

- Parcus Braid Suture Tape: without needle; one size of 2mm

With assorted color combinations.

Manufactured from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene.



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