Eberle Arthroscopy Tower

System of devices for arthroscopy surgery

Specialized system designed for arthroscopy surgical procedures.

Characterized by a high efficiency, a user-friendly handling and a wide range of application that covers the entire field of arthroscopy.

It includes different elements:

  • TORRE EBERLE 3 COMPONENTESArthroscopy motor with a control unit, a multifunctional footswitch and an ergonomically designed hand piece plus accessories (hand pieces and attachments)
  • Camera system with high-resolution sensor (Full HD), monitor with LCD technology and accessories
  • High efficiency light source and accessories
  • High efficiency arthroscopy pump and accessories (tube system)
  • Endoscopes with different diameters (from 2 up to 5,5 mm), cannulas and trocars as well as light cables for different pathologies


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