Shaver Blades

Arthroscopy tissue resection system

System of disposable or re-usable instruments for soft tissue and bone resection in arthroscopy surgery: resector/cutters and burrs; assorted range of models that allow many possibilities of use:


    Resectors/cutters: Full Radius Resector, Full Radius Resector Sharp Cut, Aggressive Full Radius, Aggressive Full Radius Plus, Double Full Radius, Double Agressive Full Radius, Conical Double Full Radius, Full Radius Resector Small Window, Meniscus Cutter, Aggressive Meniscus Cutter, Aggressive Meniscus Cutter Plus, Double Meniscus Cutter, Aggressive Meniscus Side Cutter.
  • Burrs: Round Burr, Oval Burr, Aggressive Oval Burr, Tapered Burr.

Characterized by low vibration running, high cutting power and long service life.

Compatible single use models for Eberle; compatible multiple use models for Eberle, Dyonics, Aesculap and Stryker; compatible multiple use models in sterile packaging for Linvatec/Arthrex/Concept.

Different useful length measurements: 130 mm (mainly knee/shoulder), 210 mm (hip), 70 mm (small joints); diameters in a range from 2 to 6,5 mm. Some models are available as well in a curved shape.