Flat foot in the Podiatry´s Master (Catholic´s Valencia University)

Flat foot in the Podiatry´s Master (Catholic´s Valencia University)

Pit Stop is the specific flat foot implant, from the In2bones foot and ankle line of products.

Recently, Oyasama has collaborated on the flat foot formative module with the Minimally Invasive Podiatry Surgery Master´s Degree in the Catholic´s Valencia University. The students were able to learn the Pit Stop´s surgical technique with anatomic pieces during a part of the module.

We want to express our gratitude to the Master´s instructors for making possible such an interesting course.

  • Dr. Ferrer
  • Dra. Naranjo
  • Dr. Nieto
  • Dr. Suarez
  • Dr. Teatino


We also want to thank the collaboration on the organization to Oyasama Levante, In2bones and Anatomy Center. Thank you!

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